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The now well-entrenched concepts of buy-anywhere, sell-anywhere, fulfill from anywhere are necessitating broad and deep expertise across verticals from software implementers and developers alike.  Undocked team(s) have enabled some of the largest retailers, 3PLs and grocers navigate the migration to true omni-channel fulfillment successfully.  More importantly our team members have the ability to cross-connect and adapt innovations across verticals.

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Omnichannel Retailing

Retail was in the midst of a significant change the events of 2020 hastened it even further.  There is a clear trend in play.  Companies that are anticipating, investing and adapting are getting ahead of the game.  The laggards are looking at steep and uncertain climb out of this situation.

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Undocked’s core mission is to help companies implement latest business processes and technologies to emerge on the side of winners.  Several clear opportunities exist for Retailers to be full omnichannel players:

  • Engage the customer in the entire buying life-cycle across channels.  This starts with a great website complimented with a solid OMS solution on the front end.  This has to be followed by reliable and engaging communications with the customer and a winning parcel strategy.  Order inception to Order completion has to be seamlessly orchestrated

  • Effortless buying has to be matched by effortless ‘Returns’.  This is a two pronged problem for Retailers.  One is to make it easy to Return.  From drop-boxes, free-pickups to in-store returns.  Secondly and critically, there is a need prevent value erosion; Retailers need to have good solutions for Returns logistics and an excellent combination of technology/process to handle returns expeditiously and make inventory available for fulfillment. 

  • Today’s consumers demand same day/next-day service.  This necessitates a super-fast fulfillment process.  Retailers need best-of-breed WMSs and bespoke Optimizations that enhance at the Retailers uniqueness.  From precision slotting to Picking Optimization, each key process needs to be fine-tuned.


Undocked is equipped to take Retailers through the entire spectrum of these changes.

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Grocery is in the spot-light and is the leading the way in a resurgence and dominance of digital commerce.  A plethora of innovations have to come to the fore in last 12 months.  Grocery companies need to be implementing these changes now else they face the risk of being too late.  Some notable innovations are:

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  • Contactless shopping is all the rage. From ordering on digital devices to picking up at the curb-side with minimal weight time, speed is of the essence for consumers.  This requires sophistication in store picking, package management and curb-side delivery. 

  • Store assortment strategy is fast changing.  The rote process of organizing aisles by product categories is going out of fashion.  Companies are using machine learning / AI to figure out best assortment of items that customers buy together and placing them together

  • Rising distribution costs and eCommerce growth is fueling the need for micro fulfillment centers and dark stores.  Grocers need to have the right inventory management and distribution strategy to handle this surge in digital commerce


This fast-paced change needs a savvy technology partner who can help expedite bringing in these paradigm shifting changes.  We can help.

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Sporting Goods

Sporting goods/equipment has emerged as a mainstream Retail sector.  Going from a primarily wholesale model, Sporting goods companies are not investing heavily in digital and store channels.  This is leading to massive investments in fulfillment network and upgradation of distribution technology. Some focus areas are:

Sporting Goods
Image by Alev Takil
  • Automation: Companies are spending large capital to invest in leading WMS/OMS systems, automation technologies like Robots, Sortation systems to keep pace with the massive growth in sporting goods needs

  • Emerging markets like Asia and Middle are fast outstripping the growth in established markets like US/EU.  This is leading to expansion of distribution networks in these regions.  Growth is both organic and depending on 3PL / 4PL companies.  The need of the hour is reliable integration technologies and robust analytics to make sense of the diverse systems.

  • In this constantly changing landscape, Undocked provides a steady hand of proven experience in emerging markets like China, Thailand, India.  Our multi-geo presence can be leveraged for faster implementations of new systems.

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Logistics service providers are at the vanguard of the growth story in eCommerce.  From large multi-national brands to boutique companies, everyone is scrambling to increase their distribution and fulfillment capacity.  Emergence of marketplace economy is further pushing the growth for 3PLs. This is both a challenge and a fantastic opportunity 3PL/4PL companies.  These companies need to:

  • Upgrade their WMS/OMS technology stack to best-of-breed solutions with native multi-tenant capabilities.  Another desired feature is robust third-party billing

  • Deploy automation to ease same-day, next-day volume fulfillment

  • Develop process templates to ensure they can onboard new customers in a matter of weeks – not months

  • Invest in world-class performance engineering and monitoring capabilities of their WMS stack

  • Build or buy robust supply chain analytics capability and customer communication/visibility system

  • Undocked’s teams have tremendous experience working with Logistics service providers.  This partnership demands deep product, technical skills and ability to flex resources up/down at short notice.  We can handle this in a transparent and seamless fashion. Talk to us and how we can help.

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